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Individually designed masterpieces


We do full wedding flower and decor styling and setup.

Caari Flora services both Pretoria and Johannesburg and surrounding areas.  We guarantee your wedding flowers, decor and table settings to be a masterpiece in it self ...... individually designed to your own special requirements!

When doing your wedding flowers, floral displays and decor we address your total need; from the chapel flowers, flowers and floral displays for the welcoming area/areas as well as flowers/ floral displays and decor for the reception area. Whether a garden wedding, a formal wedding; a wedding with  wedding flowers and floral displays from Caar'i Flora is a day you will never ever forget!

We travel to do wedding flowers, floral displays and decor for functions/gala events across the country and our neighboring states.

Decor Hire

Some of the services we offer include :

Wedding flowers

Wedding bouquets

Wedding table Flowers and decorations

All floral requirements and decor for your wedding day

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