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We just love it when everything blends perfectly! This gorgeous wedding for our lovely bride and groom 'Santa & Francois Maritz' was held at Galagos Country Estate The reception area was filled with pure whites and loads of candles with fern leaf and moss details and greenery to complete a chic and elegant Botanical feel to their Wedding décor and Flowers.
📷: Anne Grace Photography

A beautiful head table can be an anchor element when planning your wedding decor. We love to create a beautiful place for the bridal party that creates that ‘show stopper’ look. A memorable head table is an important element when planning the look and feel of the reception. We work hard to make sure our designs are on trend and of the highest quality. For more information about our wedding floral and design services inbox #caariflora #weddingdecor #weddingflowers#floraldesign

Nestled among trees and lush greenery this storybook Gazebo made way for a perfect weddng held. We did a 360 degress floral design on the gazebo roof with an abundance of greenery and a mix of white roses, lillies and gypsophila for a fuller effect. To soften the sides, white drapery completed a magical and perfect look for a lavishing outdoor ceremony. #TWE #whitewedding #botanicalwedding #weddingdecor#weddingflowers Caar'i Flora
📷 Anne Grace Photography

Bring the outdoors indoor with a touch of forest. Adding subtle moss to your Wedding decor will give you the earthy vibe you're looking for in a beautiful green color while adding a bit of unexpected texture to your floral details. Perfect to add depth to White weddings. #weddingflowers#floraldesign #theweddingemporium


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