Handpicked local and imported flowers

Since our founding, the mission of our floral retail division has been to provide our clientele with superior floral products coupled with extraordinary service.

Our flowers are handpicked local and imported from the South Africa's finest growers guaranteeing the highest quality available. Our floral arrangements are created with a sophistication and style that reflects our clients' desire for tasteful presentation.

Flowers can make or break any special event. Freshness, daily visit to the markets, design and exceptional service are all critical in assuring that your special event is everything you hoped it would be. Limited bookings, personalized consultations and the experience of producing hundreds of successful weddings allow Caari Flora to create events that truly celebrates the day!

Our wide floral retail variety of exquisite arrangements, bouquets, hand-tied bunches and custom posies are a true reflection of our integrated ardour for the industry.

Peonies, what a treat!!!

There are three TYPES of peony: herbaceous, tree peony, and intersectional (which is a combination of herbaceous and tree types).

Peonies are grown as ornamental plants for their very large, often scented flowers. Due to their colorful and attractive flowers, Peonies have gained a huge popularity. Peonies are extremely long-lived plants lasting up to 50 to 70 years, so once you get them planted correctly, you will enjoy them for years and years.


Please contact us for any floral deliveries - Fresh Bunches, Hampers or  Weekly Office Designs

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