Bachelorette Party 101: Everything You Need to Know - 2016-11-18

Are you in charge of throwing an epic girls’ night out for the bride-to-be? You may be wondering about who is responsible for what and when, so here is a guide to help you organize the ultimate bachelorette party.   Who should host? Typically, the maid of honor and bridesmaids take charge in hosting the bachelorette party. B... more

The 5-second wait - 2016-11-10

What makes it so important? You've fantasized about walking down the aisle in your gorgeous gown, surprising guests with creative goodies, and slipping your toes into warm sand on your well-deserved honeymoon. Now imagine this moment: Your officiant has just announced you and your groom as "Mr. and Mrs." and it's time to walk b... more

Who sits at the head / main table during the wedding reception? - 2016-10-03

you've decided to have a head table at your wedding reception, consult our simple seating guide to figure out who sits where!   Who sits at the head table? Many couples decide to skip the "sweetheart" table (a small table set up for just the bride and groom at the reception) in favor of a long rectangular head table or r... more

Summer Wedding Inspiration - 2016-09-26

 Summer Wedding Inspiration Shake off those winter blues with the blooming touch of marsala. Adding this trendy hue with neutral shades like peach and pink can energize the whole event. Touches of marsala over neutral shades look stunning. Whether wedding dresses or other wedding accessories, this combination is perfectly s... more

Wedding Flower Ideas Inspired by Nature - 2016-09-14

FOR A BEACH CENTERPIECE Highlight the laid-back, sand-washed feel of an oceanside wedding with flowers that look like they were plucked right from the dunes. On this page, stems of feathery astilbes, creamy dinner plate dahlias, and pale purple gomphrena are arranged in sea-glass-colored vases, while ornamental oregano spills f... more

How to Renew Your Wedding Vows - 2016-09-13

How to Renew Your Wedding Vows The ins and outs of planning a vow renewal. Why Renew? Simply put, a vow renewal is a way to celebrate your marriage. Perhaps you've made it to 2, 5, 10, 25 or 50 years together and you want the world to know you'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Maybe you want to reaffirm your commitment to ... more

4 Reasons why you should be filling your office with Flowers - 2016-08-24

There is nothing better than an office full of hard working, happy people! There is a simple way to keep everyone in your office in a good mood – flowers! It’s said that exposure to flowers can reduce anxiety and negativity, and even improve your memory. Caar'i Flora provides office plants and office flowers on a weekly basis. ... more

The Flower Bar - 2016-08-11

Whether a midsummer soirée or a bridal shower (or any kind of get-together, really) we simply adore the idea of a DIY Bouquet Bar for guests to create their own party favours to enjoy after the festivities have ended . . .Everyone loves flowers, and our Flower Bar not only enhances your event decor, but guests are also able to... more

The Brodal Shower - 2016-08-04

The Surprising New Wedding Trend You Need To Know About. The wedding and all the other events leading up to it are generally bride-centric affairs. But why should being a guy preclude you from all the fun stuff (assuming you want to be part of it, that is)?And thus the concept of the “bro-dal” shower was born. Not to be confus... more

12 Places To Use Wedding Wreaths - 2016-08-02

Flower wreaths will always be in season Dress up your wedding hairstyle or find a pretty alternative to a traditional headpiece with a fresh flower crown. Wreaths aren't just for the church doors or the holidays. Wreaths make beautiful additions to reception decor and bridal party style — and they come in all shapes and sizes. F... more

Your Ultimate Guide to Flower Meanings - 2016-07-14

Your Ultimate Guide to Flower Meanings Flowers, plants, and herbs have been used as symbols since antiquity. But it was the Victorians who were truly fluent in the language of flowers, following the 1819 publication in France of Charlotte de Latour’s Le Langage des Fleurs. In this popular book, hundreds of flora were paired with... more

Minimal Single Bloom Wedding Bouquets - 2016-06-13

Single Bloom Wedding Bouquet Inspiration With the incredible and ever-changing number of flowers out there on the market, it can be tough to choose which blooms to feature in your floral arrangements. If you feel overwhelmed by the options — or simply already have a favorite flower you know you absolutely lov... more

Table Mockup @ The Studio - 2016-06-09

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Why Flower Bars Are the New “It” Bridal Shower Detail - 2016-06-08

A Garden Inspired Bridal Shower This StyleMePretty Garden themed Flower bar Bridal Shower is a fresh and inspiring new trend! From the flower bar, to the custom flower crown station, to the floral photo booth, your eyes don’t know where to settle. The Venue has floor to ceiling windows, opulent chandeliers, and ri... more

Kleinkaap - Renè Malan's wedding - 2014-04-10

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Gems - Corporate Lunch - 2014-04-10

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Garden Wedding Dinner Receptions - Suzanne Braak - 2014-03-26

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The Cradle of Human Kind - Tanya's Wedding Memoires - 2014-03-26

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Chez' Charlene - Yovanke's Wedding - 2014-03-26

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Chez' Charlene - Kerry & Martin 'Coral Elegance' - 2014-03-26

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Chez' Charlene - Bianca's Wedding - 2014-03-26

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21st Birthday Bash - 2014-03-26

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Long Meadow Christiaan & Magdalien Van der Westhuizen - 2014-03-25

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John and Sonja's real wedding @ Casa Toscana (Mr SA) - 2014-03-17

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Gold White & Elegance - 2014-03-03

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