The Brodal Shower

The Surprising New Wedding Trend You Need To Know About.

The wedding and all the other events leading up to it are generally bride-centric affairs. But why should being a guy preclude you from all the fun stuff (assuming you want to be part of it, that is)?And thus the concept of the “bro-dal” shower was born.

Not to be confused with a bachelor party, these male-centric events areon the rise.  More and more guys are deciding against the traditional bachelor party with a stripper and Vegas, and looking for a more laid-back way to celebrate with their friends. And, when guys marry other guys, their loved ones often still want to throw them some sort of a party to show their support for the couple. (To those who think it's the same as a bachelor party, well...the older family members who are typically the most pro-shower may not want to participate in a night that is often centered around peen straws and sex talk.

In other words, at least it's a good excuse to round up your friends and relatives for a few beers (or themed cocktails, if you prefer), which sounds okay to us.

‘Bro-Dal Showers’ Are Like Bridal Showers For Dudes

This Tumblr-inspired beard-decorating game was made for Instagram-worthy photos. This can also be done with flowers to create an awesome memoir of the different styles of flower beards created on the day!

Go forth and bro-dal!


Source:  Buzzfeed

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